DAVID GRAY POETRY: Thoughts On Life In Rhyme & Sculpture

A Balancing ACT

Children on a teeter-totter sensing vulnerability,
Skiers on an icy slope testing their agility,
Performers juggling balls or blocks, a firebaton or knife,
Each aware of how they dare
The balancing act of life.

Riders at full gallop in extreme exhilaration,
Accountants, students, shoppers playing numbers allocation,
President, captain, secretary, grandparent, husband, wife —
Each also aware how precarious
Is the balancing act of life.

Upon awakening daily, that balancing act is on.
By the time the picture sharpens, precious moments quickly gone.
Conflicts are immediate: work or play? Fight or flee?
Eat or drink? Pain or pleasure?
Them or us or you or me?

Balancing luxury with necessity, selflessness with greed,
The moment versus the morrow; does one follow, stall, or lead?
While the spokes around all provocate with risk of stress and strife,
Still most do dare, with little care,
The balancing act of life.

At work, it’s competence that must balance politics;
At home, it’s about attention paid to spouse and pets and kids;
With relatives, the financial stuff always seems so imminent;
With friends and most acquaintances,
It’s just about time commitment.

Balancing a canoe or bike, the first step of a tot,
Give an absolute sense of right or wrong; one either succeeds or not.
Hardly like juggling life’s options, without pattern or design,
While expected to justly allocate
Priorities and time.

Any expectation of doing so, for better or for worse,
Without “offending” someone, is ridiculously perverse.
Just as the scales of justice teeter-totter in a breeze,
Our perspective for decision
Is a matter of degrees.

Life’s no more than a balancing act, with each of us on stage.
No rights or wrongs, ifs, ands, or buts; we react and turn the page.
Visioning a juggler on a high-wire, with the balance he contrives,
May be the clearest picture.
Of the balance in our lives.

Reading at night with a glass of wine. As I read the poetry the words rang home and real. Written to impart wisdom in a style of grace and substance from the words of a poet and artist. I loved it and am re-reading it and will continue to do so.

Ellen Dreksler (Santa Monica, CA United States)  
November 2013
The mind of a creative person is a strange one indeed. “Thoughts on a Life in Rhyme & Scripture” is a self-analytical look through poetry and verse by Dennis Gray. With unique and creative verse taking his own way with the English language, “Thoughts on a Life in Rhyme and Scripture” is a choice pick for those looking for an original collection of poetry. “In My Dreams Tonight”: The power of your aura /Pervades my quietude. / I’ll see you in my dreams tonight / To share this marvelous mood. /Reflecting on my image / Of perfection which surrounds you./ A dreamscape is a perfect place/To appreciate that I found you. / Warmed by rays of sundown, / Envisioning your glistening smile, / Soothed by the tease of evening’s breeze / I’ll see you in a while.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
January 23, 2010

Thoughtful pleasure. Consider the balancing acts of life and ride the ebb and flow softly while engaging your senses in the joy that Mr. Gray presents in pictures and prose. .

Rick Citron
December 2009

Slice of life poetry.The perfect way to spend a rainy day, with coffee and this book of poems. Inspiring and thought-provoking….

D. Gordon (Laguna Niguel, CA United States)
January 2010
Powerful thoughts and vision. Dennis Gray’s beautiful poetry gives us the inner vision of personal thoughts and introspection
which touches our own sensibilities…making one pause and reflect on what is important,
meaningful and true about our own lives… we are enriched by the images of his powerful sculptures
and this combination creates a book important to read for one’s soul and spirit

B. weinstock
December 18, 2009

Very enjoyable read. Consider the balancing acts of life and ride the ebb and flow softly while engaging your senses in the joy that Mr. Gray presents in pictures and prose.

Maria Citron “LA” 
December 18, 2009

Very enjoyable read. Dreams, focus, perspective… The author touched upon many facets of daily life in a very profound way.
I enjoyed reading a few poems each day and savoring the words as opposed to devouring it in one evening.
I look forward to his next book.

R. Cox 
December  2009

Poetry at its best! Great little book to read in front of a warm fire on a cold winter day. Poems are well written and amusing to read. The photographs that accompany each poem are lovely to look at. Nicely put together! Kudos to Mr. Gray on a great achievement!

Marcia S. Weiss “Poetry Lover” (Los Angeles)
December 2009